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Addy Cain

Addy graduated from Indiana University in Indianapolis with her BFA in Graphic Design. Addy has always enjoyed being creative and now serves as a Marketing Content Creator at FBi Buildings. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting, photography, and spending time outside with her family and friends.

Building Maintenance | Building Tips | Repairs & Renovations

By: Addy Cain
April 15th, 2024

Pole barns are found across the United States. While these iconic post-frame buildings are known for their durability, their exterior trims can fall victim to the relentless forces of nature and time. Certain building repairs and renovations can take more time or money, but replacing damaged pole barn trim can be a simple fix. Throughout this blog post, we'll explore everything from assessing the extent of damage and gathering the necessary materials to removing old trims, preparing for installation, and touching on important maintenance tips.

Building Tips | Repairs & Renovations | Insulation

By: Addy Cain
March 18th, 2024

Have you ever considered a pole barn renovation? When it comes to insulation, the benefits are abundant. Imagine a heated post-frame building, a cozy workshop, or even a living space. Along with aesthetics, you’ll also be improving energy efficiency. The process is feasible and rewarding! In this blog, we’ll guide you through the essential steps of a successful batt insulation project.

Building Features | Repairs & Renovations | Building Design

By: Addy Cain
February 19th, 2024

Have you run out of room in your storage shed? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to maximize your storage space without building a new post-frame building. Consider adding a lean-to to your existing pole barn. These spaces can be functional and seamless in addition to what you already have, and adding on could completely transform your already existing post-frame structure. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to plan for your next building addition.

Videos | Building Features | Structural Integrity | Repairs & Renovations

By: Addy Cain
January 29th, 2024

Have you considered renovating your existing pole barn? A common consideration is the possibility of adding doors to an already-built structure. Whether it’s for improved accessibility or increased functionality, the addition of doors can transform your pole barn into a space that’s capable of accommodating your needs. This blog will navigate the process, considerations, and potential door options available to upgrade your existing pole barn. Unlock your building's full potential by expanding its usability!

Building Maintenance | Structural Integrity | Cost | Repairs & Renovations

By: Addy Cain
December 26th, 2023

If you’re curious about the cost of giving your pole barn a fresh new look, look no further. Discover how a simple transformation can elevate your post-frame building.

Building Maintenance | Posts | Building Tips | Structural Integrity | Repairs & Renovations

By: Addy Cain
November 27th, 2023

Picture this: a peaceful day on the farm is disrupted by the sudden crunch of metal on wood. We're talking about the all-too-common mishap - a vehicle colliding with a pole barn column.