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By: Addy Cain
November 27th, 2023

Picture this: a peaceful day on the farm is disrupted by the sudden crunch of metal on wood. We're talking about the all-too-common mishap - a vehicle colliding with a pole barn column.

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By: Cori Lane
November 20th, 2023

The finishing touches on your post-frame building can determine if it will last long or need future pole barn repairs.

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By: Addy Cain
October 30th, 2023

Trusses are an essential component of your post-frame building. You might feel more comfortable with your building process after knowing a few facts about them.

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By: Cori Lane
September 25th, 2023

Pole barn columns, also known as posts, are the backbone of your post-frame building. They bear the weight of the entire roof system (including purlins and trusses) and ensure all structural loads (such as snow and wind) are transferred to the foundation. In other words, posts play a significant role in your pole barn’s structural integrity. However, it’s common to encounter rotted wood in older post-frame buildings dating back to the 1980s and 1990s.

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By: Nettie Grubb
August 28th, 2023

Did you know the Buckeye State is home to aviation? There’s a good chance you might be considering building a pole barn with room to store your airplane. Perhaps you want to build a pole-building man cave with a room to watch NFL games. Or, like many Americans interested in building a barndominium, you are curious what the average cost to build a pole barn home would be. This article will outline the starting cost of pole barns in August 2023 and explain the hidden costs competitors don't discuss.

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By: Cori Lane
July 3rd, 2023

Post-frame construction is well known for its design flexibility and durability. If built correctly, your pole barn can last 50+ years, ready to be passed down to the next generation. But life happens, and the next thing you know, you’re renovating your existing post-frame building.