FBi Buildings
Unlock Your Dreams: $0 Down or 0% Interest for a Year!

Are you considering a new building for your farm, home, or business? Look no further – FBi can help!

From now until March 1st, your project may qualify for deferred payments until completion. Even better, your interest rates remain flexible and aren’t set until your project is finished. 

If your project doesn’t meet the initial criteria, we’ve got you covered! We’ll take care of the interest on your loan (pertaining to the building segment only) for the first year, with rates capped at 12%. 

Seize this limited-time offer before March 1st. Whether it's an ag building or a personalized space, our financing options are tailored to meet your needs. Don't miss out! 

Building Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Which lending agency offers the option for no money down until the project is complete?
    The no-money-down until project completion option is exclusively available through our lending partner, Compeer Financial.

  2. What types of projects are eligible for no-money-down financing?
    Eligible projects include Agri-business Facilities, Machine Storage, Farm Shops, Seed Dealerships, Chemical & Fertilizer Storage, Livestock Facilities, and more!

  3. What type of loan qualifies for a year of no interest?
    To qualify for a year of no interest, the loan must be conventional. Leases are not eligible. Additionally, the loan's duration should be 15, 20, or 30 years.

  4. What is the maximum interest rate for the 0% interest offer for a year?
    The maximum interest rate for the 0% interest offer for a year is capped at 12%.

  5. Are there specific requirements regarding which lending agent to use?
    No, there are no restrictions on the choice of lending agent.

  6. Can I combine both offers?
    No, the two offers cannot be combined. It's either no money down or no interest for a year.

  7. Do these offers apply to the entire construction process or just the building?
    These offers exclusively apply to FBi's building portion of the project. Subcontracted services to complete your building project are not applicable. 

  8. How will I receive the benefit?
    The benefit will be provided as a discount to the overall building purchase price.

  9. How should my lender engage with the builder?
    As the builder, we will handle invoicing, and your lender must comply with our invoicing payment terms and criteria.

  10. By when should contracts be signed?
    Contracts must be signed by March 1st to qualify for these offers.

  11. When can construction commence?
    Construction must begin no later than June 1st to take advantage of these offers.

 *Your building contract must be signed by March 1st, 2024, to qualify for this special event. You cannot combine this with any other offer. Construction will start by June 1st, 2024.