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Julie Kimpel

Julie graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications Design. From a young age Julie has always had an interest in art that later turned into career in brand development for various companies throughout the Northwest Indiana area. Julie joined the FBi marketing team in 2021 as a Marketing Content Creator. You might get a phone call from her to schedule a visit to your FBi building so she can take pictures for our website or you might get a brochure she design from one our FBi sales reps. One way or another Julie loves to help the marketing team in any way she can. In her free time, Julie enjoys walking her dog and spending time with friends and family.

Building Tips | Structural Integrity | Repairs & Renovations

By: Julie Kimpel
January 3rd, 2022

It can be argued that one of the most important elements on your pole barn is the columns, also commonly known as posts or poles. The pole barn columns support the entire roof system and vertical loads that may occur, such as snow loads.