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Rising Pole Barn Commodity Prices

Over the last few months, we have seen quite a few changes that have arisen amid the effects of COVID-19. We see these changes happening in our daily routines, business operations, and the economy. Here at FBi Buildings, we have seen some changes in the post frame industry as well.

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COVID-19: The Effects on Pole Barn Construction

As humans, we don’t do well with uncertainty. We are creatures of habit, and the majority of us thrive off of routine. Knowing what to expect means we are prepared for what we need to do, so when something comes along that throws a wrench in our plans, we don’t know how to act at first. But, like anything else, we learn to adapt. We do our research, then do even more research, and finally, start putting a plan of action together. Before we know it, we’re total experts on the topic, and we feel fully confident in handling the situation.

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