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By: Cori Lane
December 6th, 2021

One of your objectives for 2022 is to build a pole barn. We fully support the “new year, new post-frame building” mindset.

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By: Angie Dobson
November 29th, 2021

Rafters vs. trusses. Two different words that can easily be confused with one another (especially if you’re a construction newbie). Although both types of components are used to support the roof of a building, they each have their place in post frame construction.

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By: Cori Lane
November 22nd, 2021

Every post-frame builder wants you to purchase their product over the competition. It’s the nature of business. Their pole barns are superior in terms of structural integrity. They use higher-quality building materials that withstand the test of time.  Their warranty covers more components for longer periods. Their construction crews are more efficient.  You get the gist. As consumers, we hear these claims all the time. But, how do you know if their post-frame buildings are the best on the market? Do they have concrete evidence to back up such a bold statement?

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By: Cori Lane
November 8th, 2021

As the holiday season approaches, global supply chains are once again making news headlines. These ongoing problems have led to good shortages and shipping delays across all industries, including post-frame. This article discusses how the “Great Supply Chain Disruption” (as coined by experts) affects pole barn construction and what FBi Buildings are doing to ensure our customers’ building needs are met heading into the new year.

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By: Cori Lane
October 18th, 2021

You recently decided to build a pole barn, which is exciting news, but you’re afraid that you’ve missed the window. Sure, post-frame construction is an outside profession, but it’s available year-round (even in the winter months).

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By: Courtney Moore
October 11th, 2021

Modern-day westerns have many of us romanticizing about the American West and what it takes to be a rancher. Popular series, such as Yellowstone, give a glorified and dramatized glimpse into the lives of a cowboy and the hard work of ranching.