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Who Are The Top 9 Ag Dealers? Our Recommendations

April 8th, 2024 | 12 min. read

Nettie Grubb

Nettie Grubb

Nettie joined the FBi Marketing team in 2022 as the Marketing Content Creator. Nettie grew up just outside of Des Moines, IA. In 2016, she received her BS in Agriculture Communications from Iowa State University. Upon graduation, she has worked in agriculture sales and marketing. She moved to Indiana in 2020. Outside of work, Nettie enjoys quilting, crocheting, crafting, canning, gardening, fishing, and hunting. She is married and enjoys spending time with her husband and dog.

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When you hear pole barn, you often think of the metal rectangles that most farm shops and cold storage barns are made of. But did you know that post-frame construction can also be used to build commercial buildings?

When your tractor breaks down, you or your wife run to the local implement dealership. Whether the equipment manufacturer is Case IH, John Deere, or New Holland, you probably don’t give much thought to the fact that the same builders who built your machine shed also built the local farm store.

As equipment continues to increase in size and more farmers turn to dealerships to troubleshoot service issues, and, in return, implement dealerships continue to grow and expand their facilities.

In this blog, we will list our top nine ag implement dealership projects and what makes them unique.

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9 Commercial Post-Frame Ag Implement Dealerships

FBi-Dealership-Image-H&R Agri-Power-800x500-19)H & R Agri-Power

In Jackson County, Illinois, you will find both an 80' x 128' x 22' & 60' x 76' x 9'-9" pole building that we built for H&R Agri-Power. What makes this project unique is the 8' inset porch for the showroom entrance.

AHW Urbana_Ag-Commercial-R&R_800x500-88)AHW Urbana

AHW is a prominent John Deere Dealership located in Urbana, IL. Their main buildings were built by Morton Buildings. However, their 30’ x 64’ x 20’ wash bay is a newer FBi Building. 

In 2023, we were tasked with updating their existing Morton Building. First, we replaced their weathered skylights with new steel panels. Then, we replaced the steel ridge cap. Next, we installed a partition wall and added a steel liner to the south portion of the building so they could utilize it as a shop instead of storage. 

FBi-Dealership-Image-A&M John Deere-800x500-17) Castongia Tractor

Formally A&M John Deere, Castongia Tractor in Valparaiso, IN, features a 6' wrap-around porch located at the main entrance. In addition, the 54' x 104' x 16' shop with concrete slab + 80' x 40' x 14' showroom features a glass overhead door and side split-sliding doors.

The building is evergreen and surrey beige for color, and has a 36” designer wall. Multiple windows help bring in natural lighting. We appreciate the miter cedar columns on the porch and key details that make this not just another metal building.

6)Ruim Equipment

Located in Lowell, Indiana, Ruim Equipment is a 72' x 100' x 18' evergreen and ash gray John Deere Dealership. Their 40' x 72' showroom is full of lawn and garden equipment. 

What makes this project unique, is the 8' dormer located above the main entry with a 6' x 46' wrap-around porch.

Ruim Equipment_Commercial Building_Retail_800x500_6 Ruim Equipment_Commercial Building_Retail_800x500_2

FBi-Dealership-Image-Greentown Equipment-800x500-15)Greentown Equipment

Greentown, Indiana, is home to Greentown Equipment. This post-frame building features a custom floor plan and sizing. It features large windows for natural light, large sliding doors, and overhead doors for large equipment. We placed this project in the middle, due to its unique 6’ wrap-around porch at the main entrance.

4) McGavic Outdoor Power Equipment

McGavic Outdoor in Kokomo, Indiana, is an older project FBi completed. They utilized sharp roof pitch lines and brick exterior to make this post-frame commercial building more unique. They offer John Deere Equipment, parts, and service.

3) McCullough Implement

McCullough Implement in Watseka, IL, is the area's go-to spot for Kubota equipment and service. This dealership features a 12' wide wrap-around porch perfect for showcasing the latest Kubota tractor! 

They continued the low maintenance, industrial look inside with an interior steel & wall liner package. For added ventilation, their building has 12" overhangs.

McCullough Implement_Dealerships_800x500_4 McCullough Implement_Dealerships_800x500_6

2) Stoller International

Stoller International in Herscher, IL, boasts a massive 180' x 175' x 18' parts showroom, shop, and offices with an additional 12' x 125' x 12' building. Some key features include a mono truss system, a 25' x 8' vestibule under the porch, and a 14' x 25' open mezzanine above the sales offices.

This Case IH dealership took a contemporary approach with its floor-to-ceiling rock designer wall, which has black and wood accents throughout. Although it may look more simple than others on the outside, it does not lack style on the inside.

Stoller International_Implement Dealer_800x500_4 Stoller International_Implement Dealer_800x500_9 Stoller International_Implement Dealer_800x500_3

1)Bane-Welker Equipment

Bane-Welker Equipment has sold Case IH equipment since 1967. Our partnership with Bane-Welker Equipment over the past decade has resulted in sophisticated dealerships that stand out in design and functionality. They are one of the largest Case IH dealerships in the United States. 

We have built and repaired many of the 15 Bane-Welker Equipment locations across Indiana and Ohio. Their buildings are always in the colors Ash Gray and Charcoal. Because of the numerous projects and stunning designs, multiple of their locations withstand, earns them the top ag implement dealership in our opinion.

Pendleton, Indiana

The Pendleton, Indiana, location for Bane Welker opened in May of 2013 and features an angled 8' entry porch for a sleek aesthetic. It boasts a 70' x 100' x 18' showroom, parts storage, breakroom, bathroom, and office area. Plus, it has a 90' x 120' x 20' attached shop to repair both heavy-duty farm and construction equipment.

Remington, Indiana

With FBi’s Buildings headquarters literally, right down the road, it was a no-brainer for our companies to partner. In 2006, they opened their doors to local farmers for parts, service, and precision farming. 

On Easter weekend of 2023, a tornado hit Remington overnight. The next morning our crews knew we not only needed to repair our headquarters, but also our neighbors, Bane-Welker. We patched the roof so they could open on Monday. After we returned to reroof the main building, they decided they wanted to transform the former parts storage building.

In 2024, the parts storage building came down, and we erected a new 90' x 133' x 22' shop complemented by an attached showroom measuring 80' x 104' x 20'. Additionally, they've included a 20' x 100' wrap-around porch, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.

Circleville, OH

 In 2023, the new 70’ x 100’ showroom with offices and a 90’ x 133’ attached shop opened to the Pickaway County Community.

Photo Credit: Bane-Welker Equipment

Photo Credit: Bane-Welker Equipment

Winamac, IN 

Bane-Welker’s Winamac location underwent a major transformation in 2022. First, we repurposed an old combine shop. Then we added a new 10,800 square foot shop perfect to inspect and repair farm equipment! This facility also includes snow guards, 24” overhangs, and an angled entry with porch.

Plymouth, IN

In 2022, the Bane-Welker Plymouth location got a new roof from FBi’s Repair and Renovation team. The team removed the existing shingles and felt paper. Our team installed new max-rib steel roofing, flashing, trims, and vent boots.

Terre Haute, IN

Bane-Welker’s Terre Haute location not only services the farmers of Vigo and surrounding counties, but they also sell lawn and garden equipment. Since Kubota, Echo, and Grasshopper mowers are a big focus for this location, we built a 12’ x 132’ lean-to on the 90’ x 120’ shop so they can display new Kubota mowers and UTVs. 

The improvements did not stop after that shop, in 2024, we reroofed the building that connects the 90’ x 120’ shop to the original building that houses the parts and sales department.


Which Ag Dealership Is Your Favorite?

While implement dealerships service your parts, service, sales, and precision farming needs, the exteriors are not all the same. You may prefer the classic, simpler-looking dealerships of the past or some of the more modern entryways and various building designs of today.

If you are in need of a post frame structure to store your equipment or if you want to build an implement dealership, fill out our request for a quote to get a FREE quote today!

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