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Who Builds Pole Barn Homes in Kentucky?

March 11th, 2024 | 9 min. read

Nettie Grubb

Nettie Grubb

Nettie joined the FBi Marketing team in 2022 as the Marketing Content Creator. Nettie grew up just outside of Des Moines, IA. In 2016, she received her BS in Agriculture Communications from Iowa State University. Upon graduation, she has worked in agriculture sales and marketing. She moved to Indiana in 2020. Outside of work, Nettie enjoys quilting, crocheting, crafting, canning, gardening, fishing, and hunting. She is married and enjoys spending time with her husband and dog.

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Whether you are looking to build a barndominium out in the hills and hollers or a pole barn home with a shop attached just outside of Williamstown, KY, the next step after deciding where to build is picking a post-frame construction company.

Each post-frame builder offers a variety of years of experience and quality of materials and varies in price. 

In this article, we have assembled five pole barn builders in Kentucky (our recommendations) and laid out the factors to consider when building a pole barn home.


Why Choose a Pole Barn Home?

Post-frame barndominium construction is known for its low-maintenance exteriors and sturdy build. These buildings are not just beautiful but also highly energy-efficient, which can mean significant savings over time.

When you choose a pole barn builder, they can help you select an exterior shell that fits your budget. You have unmatched design flexibility with the clear-span truss system used in pole barn homes. The non-load-bearing interior walls allow you to customize your barndominium floor plan to your family's needs.


There are several pros and cons when building a pole barn home. If you are set on building one, we are happy to help give you a free quote.

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Top 5 Kentucky Pole Barn Home Builders (Our Recommendations)

When building a pole barn house, well-known companies such as Morton, Wick, and Lester may have come to mind. These companies are all founded in midwest states and serve multiple states, including Kentucky.

1) Walter's Buildings

Just like FBi Buildings, Walter's Buildings was founded in 1958. They are headquartered in Allenton, WI, but have a branch in Lawrenceburg, KY. When they first began, they were a Morton dealership, but after a dispute in the 1970s, they branched off and became Walter's Buildings.

They have experience building traditional metal building homes as well as some unique projects incorporating horse living quarters and even a home attached to an old silo.

What makes Walter's unique is that they use patented sheer transfer plate columns, treated with 0.8 CCA, which can tolerate more stress than traditional columns while offering the best protection from weather and bugs. In addition, they utilize 14" heeled trusses to allow for more insulation in the ceiling.


2) Blitz Builders

Blitz Builders is from Shelbyville, KY. They can build the shell of your pole barn home. They have multiple locations across Indiana and Kentucky. 

They pride themself on the following:

  • Fully licensed and insured contractor
  • Member of NFBA (National Frame Builder Association)
  • 5-year guarantee on workmanship & materials
  • Economy vs. premium metal options
  • Uses only .60 treated posts


3) Keystone Post-Frame

As a premier barndominium builder in Tennessee and Kentucky, Keystone Construction brings you the best residential post-frame construction for your perfect barndominium home. They are known for their unbeatable flexibility, versatility, affordability, and longevity. Secure a house that looks impressive and delivers superior functionality and durability, standing the test of time.

What sets Keystone apart is its commitment to quality and attention to detail. Their post-frame barndominiums are designed with up to 7-inch-thick exterior walls and are finished with steel roofing and siding for maximum durability. Moreover, they deliver quality workmanship with a 5-year workmanship warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

Pole Barn Gallery_Pole Barn Pictures_FBi Buildings

4) Clemon's Builders

Clemon's Builders might be a good fit for you if you are seeking a small Kentucky contractor. They have 50 years of combined experience and a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. They build Homes, Garages, Pole Barns, Decks, Room Additions, Sun Rooms, Roofing, and Kitchen Remodels.


5) Lonestar Buildings

Lonestar buildings may be a good fit if you want to save money from labor costs and prefer a DIY pole barn kit or material building package. Lonestar is located in Princeton, KY. The types of buildings they design and build are custom pole barns, garages, and pole barn houses.

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How to Choose a Barndominium Builder

Whether you prefer picking a larger post-frame construction company or a local contractor, each company has pros and cons. The price can be a deciding factor, but remember that quotes are not an apple-to-apple comparison. You must also factor in the quality of craftsmanship, materials, and product longevity.


Pole Barn Legacy

Ron Smallenberger_Post Frame Home_Detail ImageLike several companies mentioned above, FBi Buildings has a legacy in the post-frame construction industry, dating back to 1958. With years of experience in the design, construction, and repair of post-frame brings quality craftsmanship and a name you can trust.


Pole Barn Home Price

Each pole barn project is as unique as you are. FBi Buildings offers custom pole barn plans and has engineers on staff who will draw up those plans for no extra fee once you sign your contract. Depending on the size, interior finishes, and building materials can affect how much your project will be. But ultimately, there are cost-effective ways to design your high-quality custom-built home.

There are many features to choose from, so try out the design online feature to test if you like Matte Black metal and a copper roof or Regal white with stone wainscotting.

Design Your Pole Barn_FBi Buildings

The price will also vary from builder to builder since the quality of lumber and metal are different. It is good to learn what the difference is between 29-Gauge Steel vs. 26-Gauge Steel and how that may affect the pricing of your quote.


Quality Materials

Not only will quality materials affect price, but they also will affect the structural integrity and longevity of your metal building home. Remember that you are not building a storage building to store your yard equipment in; you are building a house. Be sure to pick a builder that provides quality metal and lumber.

Along those same lines, ask your builder about their paint system. A decade from now, you don't want fading or chalking. Most post-frame builders use a PVDF paint system. Some competitors offer metal panels coated with SMPs or Kynar 500. If given a choice, you should specify to your builder that you'll only accept Steel finished with the latter. The result is a durable structure that withstands abrasion, ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather, chemicals, and solvents.


Get Your Free Pole Barn Home Quote

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After learning about the advantages of a barndominium, the companies that construct post-frame homes in Kentucky, and the distinguishing factors between them, it is now the perfect opportunity to receive a price estimate for your construction project. 


Contact us at 1.800.552.2981 or fill out a form for a complimentary quote on your pole barn home. Start today!


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Do you have more questions about pole barn home builders in Indiana that are not covered in this article? If you need help designing and planning, please contact FBi Buildings at 800.552.2981 or click here to email us. If you're ready to get a price, click here to request a quote, and a member of our Customer Engagement Team will help you determine the next steps of your project.