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Top Building Features for Your Pole Barn Design

October 17th, 2022 | 9 min. read

Julie Kimpel

Julie Kimpel

Julie graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications Design. From a young age Julie has always had an interest in art that later turned into career in brand development for various companies throughout the Northwest Indiana area. Julie joined the FBi marketing team in 2021 as a Marketing Content Creator. You might get a phone call from her to schedule a visit to your FBi building so she can take pictures for our website or you might get a brochure she design from one our FBi sales reps. One way or another Julie loves to help the marketing team in any way she can. In her free time, Julie enjoys walking her dog and spending time with friends and family.

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One of the fun parts of designing a post-frame building is deciding which interior and exterior features you want to incorporate. 

Suburban_Emily-Shanahan_7_800x500So we sat down with a few of our FBi Project Sales Consultants to get their opinion. They’ve helped hundreds of clients build their dream pole barns, and we want to share what they’ve seen and learned.

To ensure you know all the best tips for building design, we will review the following:

  1. Tips for a good foundation that add longevity
  2. Esthetic options that give your post-frame building that edge yet still timeless
  3. Free resources to learn more about pole barn features

As you read below, we review the favorite building features from our sales team. However, there are so many great options you can incorporate into your pole barn design. Download this FREE Building Features Guidebook to see which ones stand out to you!

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1. Let’s Start with Structural Integrity

During our Podcast Episode 1, we asked Jimmy Terry, “What is one feature you would never build a building without, and why?” His response was direct and straightforward, a good foundation. So here are some building features you can choose to help accomplish this:

  • Laminated Columns
    Treated 2x6 or 2x8 boards are fused together to create the posts that the trusses of the building rest on. Treating the wood helps protect against moisture so they don’t deteriorate over time.
  • Perma-Column System
    A concrete post with a rebar cage goes into the ground
    and connects to your laminated column above the ground (shown right). This option will add value and never rot.
  • Kynar® 500 Paint on your Steel Panels
    This coating feature is durable with an extremely slow fading timeline. The truth is that all paints fade when dealing with the elements and being in direct sun at all times. The main difference with Kynar is that the fading timeline is a much longer and slower process than other brands. Therefore, in 20-30 years, your post-frame building will still look brand new.
    Paint Comparison_FBi Buildings

    Kynar's quality control and color consistency are second to none.  This ensures that any time you add new steel to your building, whether you are adding to the size of your building or replacing any damaged panels, the new steel will match the old steel.

To learn more about how post-frame construction and maximizing your building investment, download our FREE “
Structural Integrity in Post-Frame Construction” e-book.

Structural Integrity eBook_FBi Buildings


2. Design a Pole Barn You Love to Look At

During that same podcast, Josh DePew dives into the esthetics of building design and what features he’s seen that have led to a sharp-looking final result. 

His recommendations include the following: Post Frame Front Porch

  • Porches
    A porch is a great way to add personality and make your pole building stand out from other post-frame barns in your area. Options include a classic front porch, a recessed porch, or the long time favorite, a wrap-around porch. Check out the
    5 Types of Pole Barn Porches article to help you decide which one is right for you!

  • Porch Ceiling
    Finishing the ceiling of your porch might seem like a small detail but it makes a big impact. You can go with a simple open look which is called a non-soffit porch ceiling. This affordable option appeals more to the industrial crowd that likes an "all-natural" look.

    Arrow Porch
    Or for a little more money, you can add a soffit to your porch ceiling. This option looks great and plays a vital role in proper pole barn ventilation. The soffit can be made from the following materials:
    • Aluminum
    • Steel
    • Vinyl
    • Wood
  • Overhangs
    This feature helps with ventilation by increasing airflow under the roof steel and preventing condensation. It also just looks nice. It transforms the building from looking like a box to a finished structure that adds
    visual value to your property overall.

Design Your Pole Barn_FBi Buildings

  • Wainscoting
    A three or four-foot strip of steel along the exterior base of your building is a great affordable way to add more color and contrast to your buildingPole_Barn_Wainscot2

    An added benefit of added wainscot on your building is that if you accidentally bump your building with a tractor or RV, you must replace that three- or four-foot strip instead of the entire panel.

    So if you invest in wainscoting when you build your pole building, it could make repairs down the road less costly.  

Check out our
Podcast Episode 1 to learn more about the above features!

2. Take a Deeper Dive

We recommend taking the time to learn more about all the options available for your new building. You don’t want to wish you knew about that one specific detail that would have made a major difference on your pole barn five years later.

We’ve taken the time to put together these FREE and helpful resources (links below), so you can learn all the ins and outs of building design so you have a barn that you will love for years to come. Color-FAQ-Cover

  1. Ag Features Guidebook
    This guidebook gives each feature's price range, product specs, and pros and cons.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions about Color Selection
    Here we give you insight into choosing your pole barn colors and provide popular color combinations for you to consider

  3. Suburban Brochure
    Design inspiration if you’re looking to build a barndominium, hobby shop, or garage.

    Suburban Brochure by FBi Buildings

Are You Ready to Design Your Pole Barn? 

Building a pole barn is a big decision. But, arguably, a bigger decision is how to design your pole barn

We encourage you to get the ball rolling by using our design online tool to bring your ideas to life, then submit the design to our sales team and receive a free quote!

After all, a pole barn is a big investment, and it’s our job to ensure that you are aware of all of the features available before making a final decision on your building design.

Pole Barn Quote_FBi Buildings