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Top 5 Post-Frame Builders for Pole Barn Repairs & Renovations in Indiana

June 24th, 2024 | 12 min. read

Cori Lane

Cori Lane

Cori grew up on her family's small grain and livestock operation in Northwest Indiana. In 2018, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Marketing from Marian University Indianapolis. Having shown beef cattle for 12 years at the county, state, and national levels, Cori chose to pursue a career in agriculture. Today, she serves as the Marketing Content Creator on the FBi team. In her free time, Cori enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching sports, listening to live music, and traveling.

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Whether your pole barn requires minor fixes or a complete overhaul, choosing a skilled post-frame builder is paramount to the success of your construction project.

To help you navigate this important decision-making process, we curated a list of the top five post-frame builders for pole barn repairs and renovations in Indiana.

Before we provide our recommendations, let's outline seven essential tips on hiring a post-frame builder for your pole barn repair and renovation project. By following these guidelines, you can make an informed buying decision and achieve optimal results for your structure.

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7 Tips on Hiring a Post-Frame Builder for Pole Barn Repairs & Renovations

1) Hire a Responsive Post-Frame Builder

First and foremost, select a pole barn builder who is available 24/7/365. Disasters often occur at inconvenient times, such as after-hours, holidays, and weekends.

In severe cases, waiting until regular business hours could compromise the structural integrity of your post-frame building, leading to further damage and loss of stored belongings.

A responsive pole barn builder will have someone on-call to be dispatched when these emergencies arise.

2) Select an Insurance-Friendly Post-Frame Builder

Pole barn insurance can be time-consuming, from filing a claim to settling a payout. We recommend hiring a post-frame builder with insurance experience. They'll work directly with the claims adjuster and offer valuable construction knowledge.

Moreover, your pole barn builder can provide the claims adjuster with accurate restoration costs. This collaboration gives property owners the control and protection they deserve.

3) Hire a Post-Frame Builder Specializing in Storm Damage

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Sudden and severe weather can materialize out of thin air, posing a threat to your post-frame building:

Recovering your post-frame building from storm damage can be challenging. Pole barn repairs require brainpower and problem-solving skills to address the complex issues that may arise on the job site.

Thus, selecting a post-frame builder with a proven track record of addressing and repairing storm damage is key to having successful restoration.

4) Select a Post-Frame Builder with Dedicated Construction Labor

Pole Barn Renovation Construction CrewNot all post-frame builders have construction labor dedicated to pole barn repairs and renovations. 

Consequently, your existing structure may become a lower priority to their new post-frame construction projects, causing schedule delays and headaches.

We suggest hiring a pole barn builder with construction crews solely focused on restorations and upgrades.

Their specialized experience and swift mobilization will renew your post-frame building to its former glory in days or weeks, not months.

5) Hire a Post-Frame Builder with In-House Structural Engineers

FBi Buildings_Structural EngineerAs mentioned above, pole barn repair and renovation projects can be complex.

Each component is critical to the structure's load path, transferring lateral and vertical loads. The following parts must be re-evaluated when restoring a post-frame building:

A reliable pole barn builder will collaborate with in-house engineers to ensure your post-frame building is structurally sound. Small contractors who hire external engineering firms don't offer this service.

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6) Select a Post-Frame Builder with Purchasing Power

Wholesale Building MaterialsDepending on marketing conditions and commodity prices, building materials like lumber and metal can be costly.

We recommend hiring a pole barn builder who buys these items in bulk, as this purchasing method often results in more competitive pricing.

Furthermore, ask your post-frame builder if they can access specialized parts for your pole barn repair and renovation project.

Determine whether these building components are in stock or require ordering, which can impact your construction timeline.

7) Hire a Post-Frame Builder with a Demonstrated History of Success

Positive Yelp ReviewFinally, we suggest opting for a pole barn builder with a demonstrated history of excellence. Given the elemental exposure and daily use, post-frame buildings are susceptible to aging or damage over time.

A quality pole barn builder will stand behind their product and craftsmanship. But how can one determine which construction company truly offers excellent customer service in an industry saturated with claims of being the "best?"

  • Look for a pole barn builder with 20+ years of experience in post-frame construction. This longevity indicates their ability to navigate the fluctuations of the economy and marketplace.

  • Utilize search engines such as Google and Bing or a crowd-sourced local business review site like Yelp for customer feedback. Pay attention to past customers' experience and whether they would recommend the post-frame builder to others.

These insights should guide your decision-making when selecting a post-frame builder for your pole barn repair and renovation project.

Here's what one happy customer had to say about repairing their pole barn with FBi Buildings.

"I just had my metal roof replaced on a 40-year-old pole barn. The metal roof had been leaking and rusting. As far as I could determine [FBi Buildings] was the only post-frame builder that repairs pole barns of any manufacturer.

I was very happy with my experience and final product. From the time I requested a bid to the completion of construction, everyone I dealt with was very professional. The crew did a great job as well, and cleaned up everything. Would definitely recommend." – Daniel Helegren via Yelp

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Top 5 Post-Frame Builders for Pole Barn Repairs and Renovations in Indiana

1) Morton Buildings

Morton Buildings LogoMorton Buildings is an employee-owned post-frame construction company based in an Illinois town by the same name. Since 1903, Morton Buildings has specialized in designing and constructing farm shops, residential pole barns, equestrian facilities, commercial businesses, and community structures.

Morton Buildings operates 100+ centers that serve as local hubs for their post-frame construction services and subcontractor networks. They also own seven manufacturing facilities where they produce their own building components.

From minor repairs to major renovations, Morton Buildings can make your pole barn look new again. Popular services include adding interior finishes, replacing sliding doors, repairing rotted posts, and re-skinning post-frame buildings.

2) MilMar Post Buildings

MilMar Post Buildings LogoMilMar Post Buildings is a locally owned post-frame construction company based in LaPorte, Indiana. 

Marvin Miller and his team construct agricultural, commercial, and residential buildings. MilMar Post Buildings also specializes in pole barn renovations.

Their expertise was recognized when they won the 2023 Building of the Year Award in the Retrofit/Remodel category at the National Frame Building Association (NFBA) Expo.

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3) Cleary Building Corp.

Cleary Building Corp LogoSince 1978, Cleary Building Corp. has designed, engineered, manufactured, delivered, and built pole barns for agricultural, commercial, equestrian, and residential use. This family-owned post-frame builder has satellite offices nationwide and owns manufacturing plants in Idaho, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

Whether you're building a new pole barn or restoring an existing one, Cleary Building Corp. is firmly committed to bringing customers lasting quality at affordable prices.

4) Lester Buildings

Lester Buildings LogoFounded in 1947, Lester Buildings is a leading manufacturer of custom post-frame buildings for agricultural, commercial, hobby, and equine applications. 

Their vast network of independent dealers spans from the Eastern Seaboard to the Rocky Mountains and extends as far south as Oklahoma, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Georgia.

If your pole barn has weather damage or needs repairs, you can contact a locally-owned Lester Buildings dealer for assistance.

5) Wick Buildings

Wick Buildings LogoWick Buildings is one of the nation's largest producers of post-frame buildings, having sold 75,000+ structures since 1954. They construct various pole barns for agricultural, commercial, equine, and residential use.

In addition, Wick Buildings offers pole barn repair and restoration services. Their dedicated team will visit your property to assess the post-frame building and connect you with a local dealer for an estimate.

Wick Buildings' exceptional engineering, high-quality materials, extensive warranty coverage, and skilled construction labor set them apart from the competition.

Which Post-Frame Builder is Right for You?

With these tips and tricks in mind when selecting a post-frame builder for your pole barn repair and renovation project, which one will you choose? 

Narrowing down your options to one can take time and effort. Ultimately, the right post-frame builder meets your needs and pole barn budget

Just remember to rebuild with confidence.

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